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How to set up Charity Checkout

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 06/09/16 15:00

Once you have signed up, Charity Checkout can start processing donations for your charity straight away. Many charities receive donations in the first few days, so the sooner the 'Donate now' button is visible on your website or Facebook page, the better. This is how you set up Charity Checkout... Step 1: Customise your payment page To set up or customise a donation page, you'll need to log into your account using the login details that were emailed to you upon joining. Select 'Manage' > 'Checkout Links' (1) in the main menu and select the donation page that you would like to customise, or click...

national business awards

Charity sector represented by leading industry professional at The National Business Awards

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 05/09/16 16:34

Chester Mojay-Sinclare, Founder & CEO of Charity Checkout is one of 75 leading industry professionals judging 18 categories at The Lloyds Bank National Business Awards UK 2015. He joins some of the UK's best known business leaders, advisors, influencers and entrepreneurs to be on a panel of five, alongside Sir Malcolm Grant, Chairman of NHS England, and Lord Karan Bilimoria, CBE, judging The Duke of York Award for University Entrepreneurship. A university prodigy himself, the category is close to home for Chester who said, "I was still at university when I launched Charity Checkout and acheiving national recognition for our success...

Trustees with Pom-poms: How to bring out the best in your overlords

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 13/06/16 15:54

The last article I read on trustees was a bit like a ‘Spotter’s Guide’ to rare birds.  There were descriptions of the pecking ‘Critic’, the deafening ‘Know-it-all’, the shy ‘Quorate’ (just-making-up-the-numbers) and the ‘Looking-Backer’ with a memory like an elephant. You get the idea. Lots of fun, but not that helpful really. Perhaps becoming a trustee myself, a few years ago, changed my point of view.  Suddenly, I became a lot more tolerant and understanding of my own trustees, when I was back on the day job.I now had the advantage of knowing what if feels like having to make...

payments on twitter

How to accept charity payments on Twitter

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 13/06/16 15:53

Just as Twitter has become a crucial element of business marketing, it can be hugely effective for charities too. A compelling message and an easy way to pay will enable newly recruited supporters to donate there and then. Below are some tips to help you to get started... 1. Think of a campaign or appeal Do you have any running at the moment that you could use? Something specific can lend a much greater sense of urgency than general giving.  Define your target or goal, display your progress, and your online fundraising will be very engaging. 2. Create a hashtag This is the key...

Can online fundraising ever be 100% free?

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 26/04/16 15:46

There's no such thing as a free lunch, right?... Right. There are several online fundraising platforms available that claim to be free of charge, but this is usually not quite the case. There are other costs not immediately apparent, that you may not have considered. These are some of the hidden costs associated with 'free' online fundraising platforms... 1. Transaction fees Payment processing fees are an intrinsic part of taking donations online, and are levied by the card providers that process your donations. For this reason, all providers will charge to cover this cost, and many will add on a commission on top...

3 ways to use online donations at events or in person

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 09/03/16 15:51

When you think of online donations or fundraising appeals, what comes to mind? You probably think of sitting at a computer, but this is actually only one of the ways that online donations can be made. Here are 3 ways that you can incorporate online donations into your 'offline' fundraising. 1. Place links in your printed materials Using a link to your donation page on your electronic newsletter or email can be very effective, but you can actually do this on paper as well - eg. stationery, posters, or leaflets you hand out. Using a URL shortener is a simple way...

How to get started with Charity Checkout

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 19/02/16 15:49

Once you have signed up, there are a couple of actions you can take that will ensure the smooth running of your account with us. This is how you get started with Charity Checkout... Step 1: Link your payment page with your website To start accepting donations online, you will need to place a ‘Donate now’ button on your website, or integrate Charity Checkout directly within a page of your website. You can also integrate Charity Checkout with your charity’s e-newsletters, Facebook page and other social media profiles. We have written another blog post covering this topic in detail. Step 2: Provide your bank...

The benefits of accepting donations online

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 04/01/16 15:42

Accepting donations online has become incredibly popular in recent years, and a hugely effective method of raising funds. Consequently, many more charities are looking to find ways to increase their online donations. Here are a few reasons why you should start accepting donations online: 1. Quick, easy and hassle free Being able to accept donations online means that you can take payment in any currency at any time, and from anywhere. Having an online payment processing platform to manage these donations helps you to reduce administration costs and increase efficiency. 2. Enticing donors Enabling your donors to give online means that...

UK fundraising

UK Fundraising: Charity Checkout adds ‘give and nominate’ tool to promote ‘chain reaction of giving’

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 09/12/15 15:37

Online payment processing platform Charity Checkout has added a ‘Give & Nominate’ feature to its payment process with the aim of stimulating “a chain reaction of giving” to small charities. Now supporters of the charities that use the fundraising platform will be presented with the option of sharing their donations with their friends and contacts and to nominate them to follow them by giving to their chosen charity. The sharing can take place via email, Twitter and Facebook. Chester Mojay-Sinclare, the founder of Charity Checkout, said he hoped the new function would help small charities raise more funds at no extra...

donation websites

Types of charity donation websites compared

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 08/12/15 15:19

The are a number of different types of charity donation websites available, with many factors to consider, including: cost, security, features and functionality the online fundraising landscape can be overwhelming. This is a brief guide to the main types of platforms to look out for, which could help your charity grow... The different types of charity donation websites There are various types of charity donation websites available, and it is important to understand which is most appropriate for the purpose you have in mind before worrying too much about which is the cheapest, most secure or most effective overall. Charity donation websites...

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