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Is face-to-face fundraising good value?

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 09/09/15 18:33

It’s widely known that a significant portion of the general public despises face-to-face fundraising. You only need to consider the rise of the popular term “Chugger” to see this. So what is it that gives this industry such a bad name? Well, the answer to that is quite apparent and one need only ask their neighbour for their opinion, to obtain a reasonably accurate depiction of the nation’s disdain for face-to-face. As stated by Cllr Paul Convery, from Islington Council, who recently announced that he is making efforts to get this activity off Islington’s streets, “I sympathise with charities. It’s...

Direct Debit for charities

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 09/09/15 14:24

There is no better method of online giving for your charity than Direct Debit. 31% of all donations to UK charities are made via Direct Debit these days, so if this is not something you are offering, here are three reasons why you should start offering Direct Debit as an online giving option... 1. Direct Debits are less likely to fail, never expire and therefore last longer Direct Debits are less likely to fail than a recurring credit/ debit card payment, and more importantly they never expire. This means that the average Direct Debit to your charity can easily last over ten years, whereas recurring credit/ debit...

Charity running costs as you’ve never seen them before

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 09/09/15 14:22

On the tube, I started flicking through the Metro, and I noticed an Oxfam advert on the front page. “Donate to Oxfam this February and the nice people at PayPal will pay out running costs. So 100 per cent of your money goes directly to fighting poverty.” I checked this later online while waiting to get my hair cut, as you do these days, and PayPal were indeed covering Oxfam’s running costs, that’s 19p per £1 (and for what it’s worth, they are also actually quite nice at PayPal, I spent a weekend at their offices a while back). Interestingly,...

Top 3 ways to reduce your charity payment gateway costs

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 08/09/15 18:31

The issue for many small and medium sized charities is that they do not have the transaction volume required to negotiate a good deal directly with their bank or merchant service provider. This leaves many charities paying through the nose for their payment processing, or worse - deciding not to offer online donations at all. We have compiled three top tips for reducing your charity payment gateway costs: 1. Avoid using a fundraising website for processing donations on your website The difficulty associated with setting-up a merchant account has led to many charities to link their website’s donate button to a fundraising website such...

Lessons from a disgruntled volunteer

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 08/09/15 18:29

A friend of mine, whom I will refer to as Harry, is a freelance graphic designer who has worked for companies such as: Tesco, B&Q, Currys, Marks & Spencer and Charity Checkout. Last year, Harry volunteered to rebrand a local homelessness charity. The charity was suffering from funding cuts and was eager to make up the lost income by shifting their focus towards an appeal for donations, from the public as well as private companies. While this local charity successfully secured the support of an experienced and talented designer, they made three common mistakes that eventually lost them Harry’s ongoing...

Top 4 alternatives to charity donation websites

Posted by Maria Vinzon on 08/09/15 18:23

There are many charity donation websites out there, but not all of them will be right for your charity, and more importantly there are many alternative approaches to fundraising online. Firstly, you will need a way of accepting online payments, but once you have this, there are many ways to accept donations online for free without a charity donation website such as JustGiving. These are our top 4 tips on how to collect donations online, without using a third party charity donation website: 1. Make the most out of your own website The obvious place to start is your own website, but you'd...

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