Raised over £100,000 so far via their own website

MTV Staying Alive UK

MTV Staying Alive UK supports youth-led organisations around the world that are fighting the spread of HIV in their local communities. In one month in 2012, the charity raised as much as £21,134.00 via its website using Charity Checkout. The charity started actively appealing for donations from British supporters in 2012, and since then the charity has continued to build on this success in the UK.

MTV Staying Alive UK has operations both abroad and in the UK. Prior to registering with Charity Checkout, MTV Staying Alive UK only accepted donations via their website in US dollars. The charity now reports that it is receiving many donations from British supporters via Charity Checkout and is shifting its focus towards recruiting givers in the UK.

MTV Staying Alive UK says that its attitude to online fundraising has changed, as a result of Charity Checkout. The management team in London are undertaking a drive to recruit regular givers next year.

Their feedback has been that online giving has proven to be very efficient since the fundraising team no longer has to reconcile large volumes of cheques and bank transfers. In the past, their fundraising team have had to request confirmation of receipt from their accounts team for each donation, before thanking many of its donors.

In addition to this, MTV Staying Alive UK has stated that they feel the branded aspect of Charity Checkout’s online donation system has been vital to their success. While they feel that many donors are wary of using their credit or debit card online, they feel that their branded Charity Checkout donation page makes the entire process feel far for more authentic and trustworthy.

What they say:

We are delighted with Charity Checkout and would highly recommend them to any not-for-profit organisation looking to deepen their online giving footprint.

Sara Bowcutt / MTV Staying Alive